Friday, January 30, 2015

Snow Day

This week we prepared for Juno to hit.  A huge blizzard that was headed right for us and forecasted 3 feet of snow overnight.  The little beach girl inside of me loved this idea.  I watched from my window and chronicled the snow fall, sending pictures and video to my friends and family back in San Diego.  
I ran up to our rooftop and danced in the snowfall.  I ran errands just to be out in it.  It was new.  It was exciting.  It was cold.  I giggled to myself the whole time, thinking, "I can't believe I live here." 
What was an inconvenience for most, was magic for me.  A clean, new blanket to cover the city, and even though Juno didn't leave us the feet of snow it had promised, it left just enough to see the city differently the next day.  To change the picture and the landscape to white tipped trees and frosted covered parks. 
I know that this novelty will soon fade, and I will become used to, and maybe even frustrated by the snow, but for now I am grateful for the storm.  Because it brought pause.  We all waited, and even though the storm never really came (here in New York anyway) we all took time to prepare, to watch, to shut ourselves in and just be.  The city shut down.  There were no distractions. Trains stopped, busniess closed, and we were still.  In one of the busiest cities in the world.  We were still. 
I am grateful for the blizzard, for the pause, for the magic...and I will try my best to hang onto those feelings as winter continues.  And maybe, once in a while, if it isn't already forced upon me, take a snow day, and put everything on pause again. 
My feeble attempt to not look like a walking sleeping bag all winter, is aided by my Beyond Beanie poncho, that also donates a school uniform to a child in need. 
Poncho: Beyond Beanie // Vest: J.Crew // Skinny Jeans: Articles of Society // Boots: UGG  // White Long Sleeve Shirt (my favorite): Crown Jewel // Hat: from a little side shop in Paris.  

No matter where you live, take a snow day.

Jen & Jess

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hard-Cider Mule

Evite and Strongbow have taken a fun twist on the Moscow mule.

Total Time: 3 min

1/4 cup hard apple cider (such as Strongbow)
1/2 cup nonalcoholic ginger beer
Ice cubes
Cinnamon sticks
Apple, sliced into rounds

For directions and other fun recipes and party ideas click here!

Jen & Jess

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Game Day Decor Worth Cheering For!

Jess, Evite, and Coca-Cola have been working hard to make all your Game Day dreams come true! Free printables, and adorable decor ideas coming your way!

Create a “concession stand” with our free printable banner and display snacks in brown paper treat bags (or trim the tops from brown paper lunch bags to get a similar look).

Intersperse footballs, pompoms and other football decorations in your favorite team’s colors among the food and drinks. Covering the table with a field of artificial turf adds to the effect.

Create a photo booth with black kraft paper and a chalk ink pen. Put out football-themed props, and take pictures of guests with an old-school instant camera or smart phone camera.

Want to see more winning game day decor? Click here!


Jen & Jess

Monday, January 26, 2015

Football DIY Link LLLove

The Big Game is Sunday, so why not craft a little? 
Top row: (from left to right) Football Garland // Upcycled Football // Bottom row: (left to right) Mason Jar Footballs // Football Coasters.


Jen & Jess

Friday, January 23, 2015

LLLove in Paris

If you follow us on Instagram, you were with us for our trip to London and Paris.  It was incredible.  I really can't put into words the range of emotions that I felt in my short week abroad.  Walking through history, staring at paintings that I've known of forever, looking at them up close and being able to see every brush stroke made by Van Gogh, Monet, and Degas.  Traveling to Pairs the day after the shootings at Charlie Hebdo, and watching a city mourn and come together in a truly beautiful way.  To be awestruck by the size and beauty of the Eiffel Tower and then to look over and see policemen with machine guns guarding it...and us.  It was beautiful, and sad, and scary at times, but mostly a reminder of how people come together to take care of each other, and the things that matter to them.

 I took some love with me on my travels (as I try to do every day) and this day in particular I had my love to keep me warm, and to carry me.  Beyond Beanie is a social clothing company that makes beanies and accessories. Every time you make a purchase, you are supporting the work of a talented artisan in Bolivia who proudly hand-signs her work while helping to provide meals, school supplies and school uniforms to children in need.
One beanie gives back 5 meals for a child in need, one bag gives a set of school supplies, and one poncho gives a school uniform.  It's a beautiful way to see the tangible difference you are making in a young persons life.  I think it makes their beanies even warmer.
 And I carried love with Angela & Roi where you "donate by color" each color of purse or bag, pairs with a charity and gives back to that cause.  My black purse gives back to the melanoma research foundation.  It's a creative and refreshing blend of fashion and philanthropy, and that's my kind of statement piece.
  Beanie: Beyond Beanies // Purse: Angela & Roi

Now stateside again, I already long to go back.  Experiencing different places, cultures, adventures, has to be my favorite thing to do in this world.  Never stop learning, never stop loving.

Jen & Jess

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Spicy Chocolate Coca-Cola Mocktail

Serve a drink with a kick, like this spicy chocolate Coca-Cola® mocktail — perfect for your Game Day party! Get the recipe below.
Makes 1 serving.

8 fluid ounces Coca-Cola®
1 fluid ounce Monin Spicy
2 tablespoons chocolate syrup
1 fluid ounce milk
1 lime wedge
1 mint sprig

Click here to learn how to make it!  Also, e
nter the 2015 Home Bowl Sweepstakes for a chance to win 1 of 22 prepaid gift cards valued at $100, or 1 of 66 prepaid gift cards valued at $50! All you have to do is register for the Sweepstakes! Click here to enter!

Spice up your game day!

Jen & Jess

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Super Bowl Party Ideas! With Evite and Tyson

Are you ready for some football?!

Evite (and Jess) has the right idea.  Give a whole new meaning to Sunday Funday by throwing a festive football celebration. We’ve got you covered for your next game-watching bash with current party trends from grab-and-go eats to commercial break games.

1. Popcorn Bar: For a snack station that’s just as fun as it is flavorful, set up a popcorn bar with traditional, kettle and cheddar flavors. Offer toppings like ranch dressing mix, garlic salt and cinnamon sugar so guests can munch on salty and sweet creations while watching the game. Want more crunchy goodness? Add peanuts and pretzels.

2. House-Divided Decor: What’s wrong with a little competition among friends? Divide the decor in the viewing room in half with each football team’s color scheme. Use balloons (like the Patriots balloon and Packers balloon shown here), tablecloths and serveware along with paraphernalia to represent each team and set them on opposite sides of the room.

3. Grab-And-Go Eats: The last thing you want in the heat of a game is to turn away from the TV to put together a plate of food. To avoid missing a game-winning touchdown, a hilarious commercial or an exciting half-time show, serve hors d’oeuvres that are quick and easy to grab (and eat on the couch!). Serve crowd-pleasing snacks (such as Tyson® Any’tizers® Hot Wings® or Popcorn Chicken) with several dip choices.

5. Beer Tasting: To fuel the competitive fire even further at your party, purchase beers from states of the opposing teams. For the ultimate taste test, pre-pour in chilled mugs so guests don’t know which beer is from which team’s area.

Invite friends over to catch some football with this Evite invitation or another one from our watch-the-game gallery:

Want to know what #4 was...head over to Evite Gatherings to find that, and lots of other great party tips!

Jen & Jess

Monday, January 19, 2015

DIY: Lace Card

What you will need:
 1. A blank card and envelope. (Paper Source)
2. Lace (I had it)
3. PVA Glue (Paper Source)
4. VersaMark stamp pad (Paper Source or Michaels)
5. Ranger Embossing powder (Paper Source) *Ranger is the best brand of embossing powder I have found.  
6. Heat Tool (Paper Source or Michaels)
7. Paint brush (Michaels)

Step 1:
 I started with the envelope because it was a bigger surface area.  Spread out your lace and see how the design lines up with your envelope.  The lace I used had an intricate design that I wanted to keep in tact as much as possible.  

Step 2:
 Once you find how it fits best, cut it out and glue it to your envelope with a small amount of PVA glue.  *be careful not to glue shut your envelope pocket, and make sure to leave enough of the seal available to seal the envelope when you're done.
 I wrapped the long, lace design around the envelope and up the front for a little fun.

Step 3:
 Use the same principles above to make your card.  Line up your lace and glue it your card.
 Then trim it once it's dried to make sure it looks clean.

Step 4:
 For a more detailed tutorial on heat embossing, click here.  Next I heat embossed a gold "Love" onto the card.
 And you're done!  A really simple way to make a very different and elegant card! 

Sending all our love to you!

Jen & Jess