Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines Day Gift Ideas ...

      Valentines Day isn't necessarily a gift giving holiday, but who doesn't love an excuse to shop for the people you care about.  Here is a gift giving guide full of fun ideas to help spread the love around.

Hints to drop your man ...

2. "Hand in Hand Bangle" by Kate Spade, $58
3. "West Avenue Jewelry Large Monogram Necklace by Max and Chloe, $210
4. "Infinity Hand Stamped Ring" by Teri Lee Jewelry, $65
5. "Envelope I Love You Locket" by Stefeny Stanyer, $22
6. "Arrow Cuff Bracelet" by Odette New York, $98
7. "Endless Knot Ring Set" by Erica Weiner, $30
8. "Secret Love Stackable Rings" by Moncadeau, $76.50

For your best friend, or sister...

For your outdoor man ...

For your indoor man...

For your kids ...

Jen & Jess


  1. oh my goodness the squeeze me mittens are adorable. and i love secret love rings

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