Friday, March 9, 2012

DIY: Flower Pens & Guestbook Table

     For Jen and Brandon's wedding they came up with the cutest idea for a guestbook!  They collected pictures of themselves growing up and made a photo album with their pictures side by side on each of the pages, illustrating their similar childhoods, and what a perfect match they made!  

     Next, to display their guestbook Jen wanted a cute and creative guestbook table weaving in their gingham and lace aesthetic, so we came up with an inexpensive and super cute idea.  We gathered as many hard cover books as we could find, and wrapped them with matte navy wrapping paper from Paper Source, and script wrapping paper from Ballard Designs.  Then, using navy ink, we stamped each book with letters spelling out "G-U-E-S-T-B-O-O-K".  I had a wooden box I painted white and turned upside-down to add height, bought a yard of lace fabric from Joanne's Fabric, made a tag that said "please sign", and tied it around the books with gingham ribbon, and added some bud vases.  Here is what the mock-up looked like:
 ... and here is how it turned out at Jen's wedding (I added doilies onto the navy books) ...


- 3 pens 
- 3 fake flowers
- green floral tape
- scotch tape
- glue gun
- scissors

1. Cut off the head of your flower and hot glue gun it onto the bottom of your pen.
2. Cut a little piece of tape and attach it to the end of the floral tape.

3. Tape the floral tape underneath the flower head, lining up with the top of the pen.
4. Wrap the floral tape around the bottom of the pen twice and then continue wrapping the floral tape down the pen at a slight angle.

5.  When the pen is covered, cut the floral tape leaving about 1/2" extra.
6. Using a hot glue gun, glue the extra floral tape to the pen (be careful to not use too much glue, or else it will gush out and burn you).

And the results:

     The flower pens looked so real at my wedding that no one used them, so we got smart and put them in a glass bud vase and labeled them for Jen's.



  1. This blog is amazing! I love all of the DIY projects. I only wish I would have known about it sooner. The girls at Blush Botanicals told me to check it out since both of your weddings have been a huge inspiration for mine. It's funny I remember doing a double take when I was first browsing wedding blogs and seeing both of you on there and thinking it was the same girl :) Congrats on the the cute blog!

    1. Thank you so much Mara!!! We are so glad you like it!! :) xo

  2. What kind of fake flower is this and where can you get it? Thank you

    1. The flowers we used were from Michaels Craft Stores. They have a great selection. :)

  3. This would be so much cuter without the unnecessary apostrophe!

  4. What type of pens did you happen to use for this project?