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Bridal Shower Ideas: Part 2

     Well, this week the party moved to Thursday, but it's no less adorable.  Today is Part 2 of brainstorming Bridal showers.  There are so many creative ideas out there, and with that, pressure to make your shower just as special and heart felt.  
     Don't worry, we are here to break it down for you.  These are some really cute Bridal Shower ideas, and how to pull them off in a simple and creative way!

Spa Shower:

     This theme is one of our favorites! It works best with a smaller group, maybe some of your closest girlfriends.  Or instead of a bridesmaid luncheon, you could do a pamper your bridesmaids day.  My Aunt Gayle threw a Spa themed shower for me and had a "Spa on the Go" company come over to her house.  They provided bathrobes, 30 minute massages, and pedicures!  We had it the weekend before the wedding, and it was amazing!!!  

     You can buy a set of 10 of these adorable invitations designed by Brightside Prints for $16.90, here.

     Relax with your girlfriends, drink some tea and cucumber martini's, and enjoy time well spent with friends.

Photos via here

     For the soon to be married couple, give them a set of monogrammed bathrobes like these ones from Personalization Mall.  You can buy them here.
     Encourage your guests to stay hydrated and relaxed by sending them home with mini water bottles, homemade bath fizzies, and a salt scrub.  
     For the Salt Scrub recipe click here.  And for the Bath Fizzies recipe click here.


Tea Party Theme:
"Love is Brewing"

     Jen, and our fabulous friend, Leslie Spencer used this theme for a bridal shower they threw for one of their best friends, Karen.  The dress code was: Hats and Gloves optional!  
     photo via here
     We found this super cute idea for a tea party invitation on 100 Layer Cake.  It included invitations printed on handkerchiefs, a personalized tea cup, and a fill-in-the-blank note for guests to fill out and bring to the shower to read to the bride to be.  For the free download of the note, and to see the full post, click here.

     ...Or to save on postage, these invitations are from Etsybut when Jen and Leslie did it, they made them themselves...this only works when your co-host is Leslie Spencer, and a graphic designer, but they turned out amazing.

     For the decor, choose to decorate with flowers in tea cups, tea pots, and sugar bowls.  And make sure to add some handkerchiefs, vintage gloves, and pearls if you want a vintage feel.
Photos via here, here, here, here, and here

     For Karen's shower, Jen and Leslie used Karen's wedding colors, purple and moss, and a touch of New Orleans feel, which was also part of her theme, and ended up with...
Photos by Leslie Spencer

     For the favors they found nice soaps and candles and wrapped them in tea cups that they found at Marshalls.  The whole gift cost about 5-6 dollars, and look how they turned out...

     They also took the candy bar idea, and made a tea bar.  You can also do this with loose tea and scoops.  Then everyone gets their favorite tea as a parting gift.

Photos via here


Cooking or Around the Clock Theme:
"Taste the Love"

     Our "Auntie Mae" is an amazing cook, so when she threw a bridal shower for Jen, Jen asked if it could be cooking themed, and if we could do a little cooking class.  Auntie Mae always says her special ingredient is "love," so she made the cutest cook books for favors that where titled "Can You Taste the Love?" It was so much fun, and tasted fabulous!

     These "Around the Clock" invitations we found on Oh Happy Day, are perfect for a cooking themed shower!  Send your guests either breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert invitations and ask them to bring a gift and recipe from the time of day on their invitation!  That way the bride-to-be receives a diverse set of gifts to stock her kitchen, and a recipe for every meal of the day!  
     Click here to see the tutorial and to download the invitations.

     Our Auntie Mae covered her kitchen counter tops in the cutest wrapping paper by Cake Vintage.  We will have to do a post soon about this fabulous company, they make great disposable table decor items, and lots more.  You can buy the "Table Wrap Cutlery" here.

     For one of your games or activities, either hire a chef, or if you have a fabulous cook in the family, invite them to do a cooking class for the bride and her guests!

     Another great game is "Guess the Kitchen Utensils!" Auntie Mae took a super cute apron and pinned a bunch of different cooking utensils, and kitchen supplies on it.  Then, she had me put it on and walk around the tables of guests for a few minutes.  Next, I had to go into the other room, and the guests had 5 minutes to write down as many items on the apron as they could remember.  Whoever remembered the most, won a prize!  And I (being the bride) got to keep the apron and all the goodies!  It's fun for everyone! 
Photos via Fayes Captured Moments

     For the gift, ask guests to fill out a recipe card with one of their favorite recipes, and bring it to the shower.  Collect them all, and put them in a cute recipe box for the bride to be.  The Wedding Chicks made the cutest free download and tutorial on how to make the recipe cards, and recipe card box pictured below.  To see the full post, and to get the free downloads, click here.

     For the favor, our Auntie Mae made a book of all the recipes that she taught in our cooking class, and some that she didn't have time to teach but loved.  You could also add a cute dip-dyed wooden spoon tied on top of the book.  You can find wooden spoons from Ikea for $0.49, here.  And a tutorial on dip-dyed wooden spoons, here.
Spoons photo via here

     We hope this will help you plan your next shower or party!  Keep in mind these themes can be used for any party, birthday, girls night, or a couples dinner party with a cooking class.  Think about what your guest of honor loves, and choose your theme from there!  

     Feel free to leave a comment with any questions, or if you need help with a theme for your next party!

Jen and Jess


  1. oh my gosh! What great ideas! I am getting married in 1 month and just wanted to know where to get those bath robes as featured in the spa shower as well as those little mini white bowls that they used for scrubs? They would make really great gifts to my bridesmaids! Thank you in advance!!!

  2. Hi! Thanks so much! First of all congrats! And to answer your questions, you can find the bathrobes at personalization mall, theres a link to it above the pictures. And I'm not sure where they got the white bowls, but I found some similar ones at Cost Plus World Market, just copy this link: Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks for all of the great ideas. I really appreciate all the time it must take you to do such a through write-up.

  4. Hi! LOVE this blog. I am hosting a shower for my cousin next week and I love the apron/kitchen utensil game. If you think of it and have the time, can you please post a list of some of the items on there? Thank you!! Liz

  5. Love the Utensil game! I'm planning a Recipe shower for my Bride-to-be and was debating/struggling with games! This is cute, fun, and still great for the family that doesn't love the typical shower games--like the TP bride kind of thing! I also hadn't planned on assigning times/dishes with the recipe cards/invites--this way I can ensure the young couple won't just be eating cakes for the first month :)

  6. These ideas are so cool indeed! I recently attended the bridal shower of my niece that was so wonderful. They had put up a big-screen tv and played a musical show made with pictures of the couple's dating days. It was perfectly synchronized to music and because it was professionally made, the results were awesomely romantic and touching! They got the show custom-made for them by SmilingSnaps and I had never seen anything like that before.

  7. I love the whole idea. Especially the whole bridal shower recipe cards. The designs are simply adorable.

  8. My daughter is having a Tea Party bridal shower and I love your ideas!! How did you get the information on the hankies?