Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DIY: Glitter Cell Phone Case

     It's "How To's Day" and we are making our own cell phone cases.  

     Take any hard case (if it's bendy, it will crack), decoupage, glitter, and design your own!  After all, your phone is probably the most used, and displayed accessory you have.

What you will need:
1) Decoupage ~ I used Martha Stewart Crafts decoupage glue and sealer from Michaels.
2) A flat paint brush.
3) Spray Acrylic Sealer ~ I used Aleene's Final Step, Gloss finish, from Michaels.
4) Glitter ~ I used Martha Stewart Crafts glitter in "cotton candy" and "wintermint", from Michaels.
5) Raised stickers ~ I used Recollections Adhesive Glitter Shapes.
6) A hard cell phone case.

     For this project I wanted to do a mint green case with a small peach heart in the bottom corner.  Because I wanted two colors I made the bottom layer the heart color (peach).

Step One:

Take a paint brush and with even strokes, cover your case with decoupage.  Then sprinkle on your bottom layer glitter color.  Then let dry.  It will feel like forever, but it will probably be more like 30 minutes.
Use the spray acrylic, or a spray decoupage to spray the case and then cover it with glitter. 
The spray dries faster and seemed to hold a thicker layer of glitter, so I stuck with that after the first layer.
*I learned the hard way, but don't use a case that has a design on it.  A solid color would work much better. 
* When you sprinkle on your glitter, make sure to do it over a piece of paper, so that you can easily put the excess back in the bottle.

If you want thicker coverage, do another layer of your base color. (I did two layers)

Step Two:

Put a sealing layer on the base color, and let it set.

Step Three:

Place your sticker.  I used a pop up sticker so that it would be easier to pull off when I was done.  I put the heart sticker where I wanted the heart to be and then sprayed it with the sealer and put the second glitter color on (mint).  

Step Four:

Peal off the heart sticker, and spray another coat of sealer.

Step Five:

Paint on your last layer of decoupage and let it dry.   The paint on decoupage creates a much better final seal than the spray, but it takes much longer to dry.

In the end, I think I got too excited to take the heart sticker off, and I should have done another layer of the mint, but it turned out pretty cute anyway.



  1. Super cute idea ladies. Love it!

  2. love it thanks

  3. How much did the sprays and glitter cost?

  4. Does the glitter come off? Like when you look at cards in Hallmark and end up covered in glitter for weeks? I'd love to do this to my case, considering it recently chipped, but I don't want to be picking glitter off of everything because of my cell phone.

    1. Great question! As long as you use a thick sealant it should be fine. I did three layers of sealant on mine before the glitter was fixed. Each sealant is different, so let it dry and do a test run by rubbing it on wash clothe or something. Add layers of decoupage or sealant until you are happy. :)

  5. hi! question... do you think this would work if i used the glitter/modge podge INSIDE a clear case? then the outside wouldn't have the possibility of chipping...
    i'm just worried that the modge podge may leave streaks when looking at it from the outside? and i'm also worried that the phone may not fit all the way in after the layers of glitter and modge podge.
    what do you think???

  6. Hi,
    I thought this was pretty neat, I'm gonna try it for my phone. Best one I've seen yet.
    Thanks a lot for your such a nice idea and nice post.
    keep it up.

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