Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DIY Paper Rosettes

     We recently made a backdrop covered in paper rosettes for an event, and I thought I'd share how we made them!

1. Materials: double sided tape, scissors, 1/8" hole punch, and 3 8x10 pieces of paper (to make one rosette).
2. Fold your paper like an according, alternating each fold.
3. Fold the entire page until it looks like the picture shown.
4. Using your scissors, round the edges of the paper.
5. Using your hole punch, punch holes on the border of both sides of the paper.  I did the rounding and hole punches to make the rosettes a little different. ;)
6. Fold the piece of paper in half and place a piece of double sided tape on one side.
7.  Fold the two halves together.
8.  Repeat two more times till you have three sections.
9. Place double sided tape on each of the edges and stick them together to create one rosette.

     To make an even larger rosette you will need a ruler, 6 pieces of 8x10 paper, and all the other materials from the previous tutorial.

1. Take two pieces of paper, measure 2 inches in, and place double sided tape on the edge of each of the pages.
2. Fold the page starting at one side like an according.
3. Using your scissors, round the edges.
4. Using your 1/8" hole punch, punch holes on both edges of the paper.
5. Repeat two more times.
6. Fold the paper in half and tape it together.
7. Repeat two more times.
8. And tape all the pieces together.

     Lastly, I'll leave you a little time saving tip. You can use just two pieces of paper for the smaller rosettes, and just four pieces of paper for the larger rosettes, but they won't hold the shape. I did this for a few of the larger rosettes, and I held them together by tying fishing line through the two holes in the center of the rosette (when you fold each of the halves, it will create a little hole at the point).  This will save you money, time, and paper!  



  1. i'll have to keep this in mind for the infinite amount of parties that the summer brings! xo

  2. How do you make it stick to the board for the backdrop?

  3. That is my question as well...how do you make them hang?

  4. These a great! I'm thinking of making a bunch for my wedding but am wondering what weight paper you think is best. I did a test run following a different tutorial I found where you glue sections of folded paper together into a circle and then push the circle into a pinwheel shape, but this looks a lot easier. Cardstock worked best for the other way, but I feel like regular weight paper may work just as well for this way. Any tips?? Thank you!!!