Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Anniversary Inspiration

     One of our readers is about to celebrate her 10th Wedding Anniversary!  It is going to be a rustic backyard soiree, and she wanted some inspiration.  We put together some fun ideas that can be used for an Anniversary party, or any backyard party in your future.  Enjoy!

     Start off with a cute "I always knew it was you" calligraphy sign from Wedding Chicks, you can find the free printable, here.

Photos via here, here, and here

     However many years you have been together, we are sure there are lots of photos filled with wonderful memories!  We made a table runner of black and white pictures of our Dad for his 60th Birthday, and it was a huge success and the best conversation starter ever!  Use this DIY Photo Table Runner Tutorial.

Photos via here, here, here, here, and here

     Have a sign that says "Eat. Drink. Be Married" or "Eat, Pray, Love" by the food or refreshments.  And, yes, we love chalkboard everything! Make sure everyone keeps their glass, by making chalkboard mason jars and wine glasses.  Keep a cup of Chalk Ink handy for people to write their names (it's easier to use then regular chalk).  And with an outdoor party comes heat, so make sure to keep the bubbly cool with personal champagne bottles, and non-drip ice by using a colander over an ice bucket!

Photos via here, here, and here

     For a 10 Year Anniversary, the traditional color is blue or "sapphire." So we put together some cute rustic decor ideas using navy.  Wrap twine around mason jars, and have a sign of the couples names and their wedding date!

     Check out these cute Anniversary banners from Etsy, here and here.

Photos via here and here

     If you want instant romance on a budget, string twinkle lights!  And we LLLove this mason jar candle table runner!
Photos via here and here

     Make a smore's bar by lining terra cotta pots with tinfoil and light charcoal.  And check out Martie Knows Parties How to Make a Smore's Bar tutorial.

Photos via here, here, and here

     Have a bakery make a miniature replica of the couples wedding cake and have the couple do a "cake cutting."  Also, we found these super cute cake or pie to-go boxes, here.  And we LLLove Our Best Bites Single Serving Pies In a Jar, they can even be made and frozen ahead of time!

Happy Anniversary!

Jen & Jess


  1. Where can you get those invites under the "rustic outdoor decor"???

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