Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flowers by Season

     For almost any event, you are going to want to dress it up with some gorgeous flowers!  We thought we would help with that, by giving you a list of some flowers available in each season of the year!  Enjoy!

Jen & Jess

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY Fabric Flowers


     Happy "How To's Day!"  For our last week of our series of "May Flowers," I thought I would share a tutorial on how to make fabric flowers, you can find the original tutorial I found on 100 Layer Cakehere

- 100% cotton fabric
- Tulle (I already had tulle ribbon, so I used that)
- Hot glue gun & glue sticks
- Sewing Needle 
- Thread (I used a darker color for the tutorial, so you could see the stitching, but I also bought thread that matched my fabric witch is more ideal).
- Scissors

1. First I cut out some petals from the fabric and the tulle.

*Not shown: next I cut a little circle of fabric for my base, and threaded my needle, using a two thick layer of thread.

2. Layer one fabric petal, with a tulle petal layer behind it, and fold the ends twisting them inward a little, so the top of the petal is almost standing up. Try lining up your petals a little off, mother nature isn't always perfect, and we want your flowers to look somewhat real. ;)

3. Next, start sewing on the petals to your circle base, making sure to overlap each petal a little.

4. Once you completed your circle (I used 4 petals) you are done with the inside row of your flower.)

5. Next, sew more petals onto the outside of your flower. Make sure to sew the newest petals on the backside of the flower where the previous rows petals overlap.

*At this time plug in your hot glue gun.

6. Once you have completed the outer row of petals (I used 5 petals) you are almost done.

7. Using your fabric, cut out two circles (these are going to be used to cover the stitching on the inside and back of your flower.)

8. Using your hot glue gun, glue one of the circles in the center of your flower.

9. Next, glue the second circle on the backside of your flower.

10. Cut two more petals out of your fabric and your tulle.

11. Fold each petal in half, and then in half again (you'll end up with a quarter of a circle). And stitch them together, making sure to incorporate each piece of fabric.

12. Glue the center in, and you are done!

Happy Crafting!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day


     Today we remember the people that fought for our freedom.  Have a beautiful Memorial Day with family and friends!

Jen & Jess

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Our Favorite Damsel

     If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you have heard us talk about the fabulous fashion and lifestyle blog Damsel in Dior.  We recently had the privilege of meeting up with the lovely Ms. Damsel herself, Jacey Duprie, and not only do we love her effortlessly chic style, we love her too. 

     Jacey is the brains and creativity behind this beautiful blog, and as new kids to the blogging block, Jacey has been so very gracious to take us under her Cartier clad wing, and help teach us some of the ropes.  For any other new bloggers out there, she is teaching a class on blogging basics and you can sign up here.

Why this blog? I was born and raised a farmer's daughter in South Texas who never felt like she fit in, which left me feeling like a damsel in distress. After moving to Los Angeles, I desperately sought a creative outlet so I started blogging about all of the things that made me feel less like a damsel in distress and more like a Damsel in Dior. This blog has opened up so many doors of opportunity for me because it serves as a platform to express my creativity and capabilities as a blogger.

What inspires you? Everything from 

my 2 english bulldogs to architecture. 
I love browsing through magazines for 
inspiration and SHOPPING inspires me. 
My friends are very supportive and offer 
creative inspiration on new posts 
and ideas as well. 

What is your favorite place you have traveled to? That's tough. I should say my honeymoon in Thailand because it was absolutely stunning and romantic. However, my favorite place is Nairobi, Kenya where I co-founded a charity called Project Biashara. The people moved me in such a tremendous way that I will never forget...which is probably why I keep going back!

We looked up Project Biashara and it is an awesome charity! They work to equip and empower Kenyan women to own and operate their own sustainable businesses to help feed, educate, and care for themselves and their children. LLLove!

Have you always been so fashionable? Awww *blush* ... I can show you some pretty hilarious pictures of me in high school that would support my answer of "No, I have not always had the best fashion sense".

What's your favorite part about blogging? I really enjoy putting together graphics for "What I Want Wednesdays", "Corporate Mondays" etc... and I love blogging for clients such as SINGER22, StyleMePretty & Beth Helmstetter Events. It pushes me to step up my game because I have a larger audience who is counting on good content. I also LOVE when readers interact and leave comments, it keeps me going.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Retired. (Kidding) In 5 years from now I hope to be the editor of a large website and/or magazine (either online or print).  
I also see myself living in the house from the movie "It's Complicated" & eating lots and lots of chicken fingers with 
ranch without gaining a pound. 

Who's your favorite designer? At the moment I am crushing on Helmut Lang (that moment has lasted a solid year). My favorite stores to shop are J.Crew, Zara, H&M. . . . Anthropologie for home....Eesh there are too many!

What's your favorite fashion product?  Believe it or not, my favorite products in general are handbags (HA!) But, my favorite item is my Splendid Sweatpants...Oh how I love to come home and put those sweet Splendid's on!

How do you put a look together? What do you start with? I honestly start with whatever I know I absolutely want to wear (which is most likely the newest thing in my closet) and build from it. Whether it's a new pair of shoes, handbag, jeans, top....Sometimes I'll even go to Pinterest and type in "Red Pants" (or whatever the item is) just to get some ideas flowing.


     I know, she's adorable, fashionable, and brilliant!  You're welcome for the introduction ;).

Jen and Jess


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Your Questions Answered ...

     We've had a few inquiries about party themes from readers, so we thought we would put together a few inspiration boards for you!  Enjoy!

Baby Shower Theme: "Bun in the Oven"

     The fabulous ladies of Posh Paperie put together the cutest Baby Shower with the "Bun  in the Oven" theme!  They even had a "Bundt Bar" for dessert, and the favors were homemade Cinnamon Buns.  Check out the full post, here.


A "Hollywood Glam" Themed Quinceanera

     photos via

     We've been LLLoving hot pink and red together, and thought it would be a fun twist on the traditional Hollywood Glam "red and black" color palette.  Take a cue from Confetti System and make some tissue paper tassel garlands and a Quartz Pinata!  


Bridal Shower Theme: "Date Night"

     One of our readers asked us for some ideas for a "Date Night" themed bridal shower.  First of all, we LLLove this idea!  It's especially great for a couple that already has a stocked home and kitchen.  For gifts, give the bride-to-be things she can use for date nights (i.e. a picnic basket, a fondue set, a membership to a wine of the month club, etc.), or date nights themselves (i.e. a kayaking gift certificate, movie tickets, concert tickets, a cooking class, etc.).

 photos via here, here, here, and here

     Set up your backyard for a dinner and a movie night with your closest girlfriends.  Have the food be the same style food as the bride and groom had on their first date (i.e. mexican or italian).  Have the bride's favorite movie playing in the background when she opens gifts, and for dessert, set up a concessions stand stocked with yummy treats!

photos via here, here, and here

The Gift: Treat the bride and groom to be with a picnic basket with all the fixings and a list of the nearest parks to there home!  

The Game: Other than traditional bridal shower games, have each guest write down their favorite date idea and put it in a bowl.  Another cute game is "Pin the Heart on the Groom" (similar to "Pin the Tail on the Donkey").  Have a life size picture of the groom printed and taped on a wall, and have each girl write their name on a paper heart with double sided tape on the back.  Then blindfold the guest, spin them around a few times and have them "Pin the Heart on the Groom."  Whoever gets closest to the grooms actual heart, wins a prize!

The Favor:  The lovely ladies of Pop-Gram Kettle Corn make the cutest popcorn favors!

Happy Party Planning!

Jen & Jess

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May Flower's with Auntie Mae: Part 2

     Welcome to "How To's Day!"  Today we are finishing our series of "May Flowers with Auntie Mae."  To see Part 1 of this series click here.  The two flower arrangements we are going to share with you today, are a romantic flower arrangement for two, and an example of using anything for a vase with a soap dish arrangement.


Romantic Dinner For Two Arrangement:
1.) Soak Oasis for at least 30 min.  
2.) Cut Oasis to fit in your vase.
3.) Start placing flowers and as you go, rotate your arrangement to make sure it stays even and balanced.  And remember the rule of 3's or 5's.  Try and make your arrangement using 3 or 5 of the same flower (it makes it a more artistic and interesting look, rather then even numbers of the same flower).
4.) Add some fun levels and texture with Lilacs and Viburnum.
"I love having little things sticking up out of my arrangements."                                                    -- Auntie Mae -- 
 *Using Lilacs and Viburnum: These flowers and greens have more of a wooden stock instead of a green stem.  To help them absorb more water, so that they live longer, use a hammer and hit the bottom of the stem to open it up.  Never used a hammer to make a flower arrangement before? Don't worry, it was a first for us too, but it works great.

*If you love hydrangeas like we do, then you will love this tip...If your hydrangeas start to wilt, take them out and hold them upside down in water.  Then place them outside in cool air/shade over night and they'll poof back up.


Mini Arrangement in a Soap Dish:

This is a quick and easy arrangement that will spruce up any room!

1.) Cut your Oasis to the right size, and place it in the soap dish.  
2.) Then cut (you should always make a fresh cut at an angle with your flowers before using them in an arrangement) and add flowers as you wish.  Remember that the Oasis lets you play with height, so you can make the middle row of flowers taller then the outer rows.  This will add volume to your arrangement.

We hope these tips will add some color to your home, and beauty to your day.

Jen, Jess, and Auntie Mae

Monday, May 21, 2012

Words to Live By

photo via

     I found this quote on tumblr, and thought I would share it.  What a beautiful way to look at love.  When you truly love someone, you don't look for anything in return.  And when that person loves you back the same way, then it is a beautiful thing ... just like a sunset.  

Have a happy Monday!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Follow us on Pinterest

     One of our very favorite websites is Pinterest! We use it to find fabulous inspiration for DIY projects, parties, recipes, and fashion.  Needless to say, we are big fans.  
     For any of you who don't know about Pinterest, let us take a moment to introduce you.  If you pull magazine pages out of magazines and save them in files, Pinterest will be your new best friend!  You can make pin boards of any subject you want and then as you go through the internet "pin" things to your boards.  Then it saves it for you in an organized place with the link attached so that you can find that website again! Brilliant! Not to mention that you get to follow others and you can re-pin all the cute things they have found.  
     We both have Pinterest accounts that we love, but we finally made one just for Linen, Lace, & Love.  Follow us and see what's inspiring us for every project, our entire archive at a glance, and all the pretty things we LLLove!

     We hope to see you there!

Jen and Jess

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bitchin' 80's Bachelorette

     Something you may not know about Jen is that she loves the 80's.  The music, the cheesy movies, the TV shows, they are her childhood.  So, when Jen wanted to mix in an 80's theme for her bachelorette weekend, I gave the saturday night outing the title "Jen's Bitchin' 80's Bachelorette."  

     Instead of the traditional "bride" sash, I puffy-painted an acid-washed jeans jacket and made Jen a little button that said "Bride to be." I had a stretch hummer limo take us around downtown San Diego, and I made an 80's mix for the road.

The Invitation: 
     The invitation was for a weekend of bachelorette fun, ending with a Lingerie brunch on Sunday.  So, with that in mind, I made an invitation and a schedule of events for the weekend.  My parents were out of town, so we took over their house (this saved the girls a lot of money on hotel rooms, and I stocked the kitchen with lots of goodies).  

     Jen's wedding colors were navy and cream, so I used that and added hot pink to make it pop and make it more girly.  I used the fabulous free downloads from The Wedding Chicks for the invitation, the schedule, and the tags.  And I punched out the "J" and "B" (for Jen and Brandon) from Jen's Betsy White wedding logo.

      Along with a glue stick, paper, envelopes, and twine above are all the tools I used to make the invitation and schedule.  You can find all of these tools at Michaels.  Below are instructions on how I made the invitations.

Love Tag: 
1.  I stamped some card stock with a script stamp using navy ink.

2.  I printed out the love crown image from The Wedding Chicks free downloads, here.

3.  Using my tag punch, I made the love crown image into a tag.

4.  I glued the tag on the stamped card stock.

5.  Using my corner punch, I rounded all the edges.

6.  Using my 1/8" punch, I punched a whole in the top of the tag.

7.  I grabbed my scissors and Divine Twine.

8.  I cut a long piece of twine and folded it in half, and put the folded end through the hole at the top of the tag.

9.  I put the two ends of loose string through the loop on the other side of the hole, and gave it a little tug to make it secure.

The Schedule:
Paper Supplies: I used white cardstock from Staples for the invitations, regular white paper for the schedule, and pink cards from Paper Source for the schedule cover.  The tags were printed and stamped onto cardstock, and the glassine envelopes I used for the tags were from Paper Source.

1.  First, I printed out all the invitations (using The Wedding Chicks download) and schedules (using word), cut them to size using my paper cuter, and rounded all the edges with my corner punch.

2.  Using the heart confetti punch, I made heart confetti out of old poetry paper and music sheets.

3.  I filled all the glassine envelopes with heart confetti and a "love" tag, and got out my 1/8" hole punch and my navy and cream Divine Twine.

4.  Using the tag as my frame work, I punched four holes around it, one on each side and one on the top and bottom.

5.  Then I tied the tag onto the schedule card like a present, using the navy and cream Divine Twine.

6. Lastly, using a glue stick, I glued on the cover page and the schedule inside, and tied more Divine Twine on the fold of the card.  See the complete version below.

     I advised the guests to write a message, or advice for the bride to be on the tag provided and bring it to the Lingerie Shower.

     Lastly, I filled navy envelopes from Paper Source with the invitation and schedule, addressed the envelopes using a white gel pen, and sealed the envelopes with a sticker I made.  Using a roll of drawer liner I found in the $1 racks at Michaels and my scalloped circle punch, I made my own stickers. 

The Favor:
     I made "Bachelorette Survival Kits" for the favor.  Each came with a little "first aid kit" filled with advil, lifesavers, a shout out wipe, and band aids.  Each kit also included a pair of neon sunglasses, lip gloss, nail polish, a nail file, a pink and white sucker, a ring pop, and a water bottle.

The Decor:
     Jen was born in 1981, so I made a sign using chalk ink and hot pink post-its for the "Welcome to 1981" sign.  I cut up hot pink post-its to get an 80's font affect (I didn't have hot pink chalk, so I improvised).  

     When the guests arrived, each of them took a Polaroid picture with the bride to be, all decked out in 80's gear, in front of a make shift photo wall.  I had pre made photo album pages with a place to write a note to Jen, and a place to stick the picture to the page, using photo corners.  My wonderful friend Lindsey did a similar photo album for our friends baby shower and I loved the idea, so I did the same for Jen.  Then she gets to keep a little token of memories and sweet notes from her friends after the weekend is over! 

     I made some snacks for everyone when they arrived, so they would be fueled for the night ahead, including chicken skewers, fruit, veggies, graham cracker and chocolate covered marshmellows, and lots of other treats.

     The "LOVE" cardboard letters were from Paper Source.  I sprayed each letter with spray adhesive and covered them with silver glitter.  And you can find out how I made the mason jar flower arrangements, here.

     I ended up making little stations around the house for girls to go.  First was the photo booth and guestbook station, then I had drinks and some extra 80's outfits and accessories, then the main food and drink station, and lastly the game and prizes station.  At the last station I gave every girl a to-go cup to fill with their drink of choice for the drive to downtown, drink tickets, a scavenger hunt list, and a bachelorette bingo card.  I found cute reusable bags with funny quotes on them at Michaels in the dollar section and used them to fill the prizes for all the activities.

     Jen and Brandon had an inside joke about the Justin Bieber song "One Less Lonely Girl," and it applied so well to a wedding that, just for fun, I bought a Justin Bieber pinata and filled it with candy and plastic jewelry.  I wrote "Bieber Fever" on a plastic bat and we played a little game before we left of "Beat the Bieber" (sorry Justin Bieber).

     Then all the girls loaded into the car and we had a fabulous night out on the town.  We went to a few places, and I called a head to make sure they could accommodate a large group dressed in 80's gear, and everyone was super nice!  Some places even had 80's music blasting when we walked through the doors!  I love 80's themes, after all "Love is a Battlefield." ... sorry, I had to. ;)


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May Flowers with Auntie Mae: Part 1

"Half of being a Mother and a female is using what you have and learning to improvise."            
                                                                                -- Auntie Mae --
     What better way to continue our "May Flowers" series than to spend a day making flower arrangements with our amazing Auntie Mae?  We actually made so many that we are splitting this "How To" into two parts!

     How to get your flower arrangements to last the longest: Ask your florist when they received their new flowers from the flower market, and which ones they are, so that you make sure you are buying the freshest flowers.  Don’t go in with a preconceived notion of what you need.  See what’s available and let that inspire you.

     Make any arrangement more interesting by using a nontraditional vase: Use what you have.  You can make a beautiful flower arrangement in just about anything.  Go through your pantry and just try things.  A soap dish, a pretty bowl, even a cake stand.  Using Oasis, can create so many more options.

     Rule for Centerpieces: When making a center piece, the rule is, it should not be taller than the distance between your elbow and your fist on the table.  This way it doesn't block everyone's view of each other at the table.  If you want a dramatic, tall centerpiece, it's a good idea to use a stand that is tall and skinny until it gets above eyesight and then set the arrangement on top.

     Tips on Oasis: Drop Oasis into water for at least 30 minutes before using it, so that it can soak up the water.
*Don't push on the Oasis, it will create air pockets, and if the flower stem ends up in an air pocket it won't get water and will die faster.
*If you know what kind of vase you will be using, you can pre-cut the Oasis.

     Tips on arranging: Use the rule of odd numbers, and work your way around the cake tray putting 3 of each type of flower on each side.  Just start and keep building.  You don't need to lay it out, just let it happen. As our Auntie Mae says, “I just let my hands do it, and don’t let my brain get in the way.”

*Add in some Rosemary, or Geranium Leaves - unique greens can add some fun, beautiful, and fragrant texture to your arrangement. And these smells won't compete with your food. 
*If you are making your arrangement for the dinner table, it's good to think about using smells that will compliment your meal, instead of distract from it...(unless you are a bad cook, then maybe distraction is a good thing ;)).

*When using greens, or any flower, make sure to strip the part of the stem that is going in the Oasis.  Any excess leaves can cause bacteria to grow faster, and the plants to wilt.

*To add texture, use different shapes and colors of flowers to make your arrangement more interesting... and you can also use food!  It not only adds something beautiful and interesting, it takes up space and saves you the cost of flowers.

*If you use food like lemons, artichokes, strawberries, use a thin wooden dowel to skewer them, and push them into the Oasis.


"My favorite flower arrangements are the ones where it looks like God reached down and grabbed a bunch of them out of a garden."
                                                                -- Auntie Mae -- 

     The second arrangement we are sharing with you today is a neat little trick Auntie Mae showed us!  Remember when you were little running through the backyard and picking flowers to make a bouquet?  Well this may be a little nostalgic, and lots of fun.  

Rubberband Flower Arrangement:
1.) Put a rubberband on your wrist.  
2.) Next, pick some fun color flowers and make an arrangement in your hand.  Make sure to angle the stems on your hand, so your bouquet is rounded.
3.) Create a bouquet in your hand.  Use what ever flowers and greens you want and keep working on it until you like it.
4.) Tie up the stems with a rubber band to hold it all in place.
5.) Cut the stems to the appropriate height of the vase you are using, and then drop them in. 
6.) You can continue adding greens if you like, until you are all done.
7.) Lastly, display your lovely creation!

     With all flower arrangements take a moment to step back and take it all in, spin it around one more time to make sure it's balanced, and then display it to make any room feel more loved.  "The hardest part is knowing when to stop," says Auntie Mae.  You should always have a playful approach to your flower arrangements.  The flowers are already beautiful, so let them do the work for you.

Isn't our Auntie Mae wonderful?  Stay tuned next week for 3 more amazing arrangement "How To's".

Jen and Jess...and Auntie Mae